Youngest Mr Olympia & Oldest Mr Olympia Ever [Updated]

Mr Olympia is the king of all bodybuilding shows held. It has been more than 50+ years since its inception. Over these years we have witnessed making of great bodybuilders who won this show. Some held their thrones for a good amount of years and some even without sitting on the thrown made a name for themselves. The interesting part that comes in the role here is the fact not all who won Mr Olympia are or were the same age. There has been an age gap between winners and it is not a small one. In fact, the age gap between the youngest Mr Olympia and the oldest Mr Olympia ever is of approximately 20 years. It does get one curious on how there have been elite in this sport who took the title at a very young age and some elite who withstood the tides of time and took it late in their career. The two bodybuilders defining the 20 years age gap between the youngest Mr Olympia and the oldest Mr Olympia are:

Arnold Schwarzenegger is the youngest Mr Olympia ever winning his first title at the age of 23 in the year 1970. The oldest Mr Olympia ever is Shawn Rhoden winning the title at the age of 43 in the year 2018. However, there is one more bodybuilder who won the title at the age of 43 but as per the detailed technicalities, Shawn Rhoden surpasses the other bodybuilder month-wise at the time of winning Mr Olympia respectively. So who is this other bodybuilder who held the record for the oldest Mr Olympia ever before Shawn Rhoden won his title in 2018? It is none other than Chris Dickerson who won the Mr Olmypia in the year 1982.

1970: The year of the youngest Mr Olympia

Without a tad of doubt, Arnold Schwarzenegger isn’t just the youngest Mr Olympia but also the most famous Mr Olympia ever owing to his Hollywood and political career. Schwarzenegger is the third ever person to win Mr Olympia. He first appeared on the stage of Mr Olympia in the year 1969 where he placed second after Sergio Oliva who won the 1969 Mr Olympia. His first professional bodybuilding show was in the year 1966 where he secured the first position as Mr Europe. In the year 1968, he won his first professional international show- NABBA Mr Universe. In the year 1970 which was his second only Mr Olympia, he won the title and went on to do it again for 5 more years consecutively and one in 1980 tallying his total to 7 Mr Olympia wins.

Youngest Mr Olympia ever
Image Credits: Madison Square Garden Center / Public domain

2018: The year of the Oldest Mr Olympia

Nicknamed ‘Flexatron’ Shawn Rhoden dethroned Phil Heath in the year 2018. Before him, Phil Heath was the reigning champion for 7 consecutive years. Rhoden’s best finish in Mr Olympia before the 2018 win was the 2nd place in 2016 Mr Olympia where Phil Heath won. It was in 2010 where Shawn Rhoden won his IFBB pro card and paved the path for his 2018 win. He made his professional debut in the year 2010 at the IFBB Dallas Europa Super Show where he placed 6th. He was banned from participating in the 2019 and future Mr Olympia after a legal case of sexual assault was reported against him.

By Glutaeus – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Age Difference between Shawn Rhoden & Chris Dickerson

Both Shawn Rhoden and Chris Dickerson have held the record for the oldest Mr Olympia winner ever. However, there is an age difference between them and one amongst them is the actual oldest Mr Olympia. And it is Shawn Rhoden who won the title at the age of 43 years and 4 months old in 2018. On the other hand, Chris Dickerson at the time of winning his title was 43 years and 1 month old in 1982. Both of these champions have held the Mr Olympia title only once in their respective careers.

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