Why Do Bodybuilders Get Fat Off Season? Here is Why!

Bodybuilding is a highly challenging task that always gets millions of interesting reviews across the globe. Every person, either as a spectator or as a challenger, has their own view of it. However, the fact that nobody can overlook is the difficulty of the task and the necessary dedication. Not only do people respect the sport but also share their personal admiration for the athletes.

Meanwhile, a point worth consideration is that bodybuilders are rational human beings too. Even the most professional and the skilful ones cannot stay in the same immaculate shape round the year. Hence, the clockwork of bodybuilders is adjusted to suit the need for competition and professional goals. They schedule their diet, efforts, training, and final physique so that it is at its best when needed. This leaves a certain off-season period in their calendar year.

What is Off-Season for Bodybuilders?

Bodybuilding offseason is a relative term that shows the occupied and offloaded schedule of a bodybuilding athlete. In the yesteryears, most bodybuilding competitions took part in a single phase of the calendar. Moreover, the majority part of the year contributed to the build-up as well. Most bodybuilders would utilize that phase to do what is necessary, gain mass!

But as the time has come to progress, the off-season gets relatively smaller. Athletes prefer to keep the shape perfect round the year because of commercial commitments. With the number of events multiplying, active participation across the globe can be hectic too. Professional bodybuilders choose their battles selectively, and hence the concept of the off-season is still intact.

How do Bodybuilders Utilize Off-Season?

With whatever relevant portion of the off-season that remains, the idea is simple: prepare for the further onslaught! Bodybuilding is not just about hitting the gym and going for glory. The body is a machine, and to keep the machine running, you need fuel and maintenance. For bodybuilders, that fuel comes in the form of protein and carbohydrates, which they regard as gains. It is also equally tough to maintain a rich diet with protein taking centre stage during the typical competitive aura. Hence, the carbs, and especially the fats, find a suitable inroad through a regulated and increased diet.

The basic idea is to beef up and then refine the mantra of a bodybuilder’s life. In the significant parts of the 1900s, the off-season weight and fat gains used to be huge! Then throughout the year, the athletes would refine and tone the body and be a specimen. However, as lean and clean took fame, the trend settled down. In the modern-day setup, bodybuilders have reduced the bulking. But they still maintain a higher calorie intake to gain mass and fat, further refined and toned as muscles.

How Much Weight Do Bodybuilders Gain During Off-Season?

With the fact of “weight and fat gain” during off-season being a certainty, the question remains about “how much?”. As with the change in trend, the limits and the margin of error change too. Modern athletes are particular about the shape and often use it for their social media presence. Brand recognition, commercials, and other business prospects weigh in. Hence, multi-dimensional athletes cannot afford to gain much.

Meanwhile, the traditional bodybuilders can go anything from 20 pounds to 50 pounds up from their base weight! While it may sound astounding, the occurrence is normal for these men and women. Obviously, the factor of healthy and steady gain is important, so the bodybuilders also account for that. Each athlete has a specific gain cycle and schedule to suit their category and physique. The motto always remains the same: don’t gain what you cannot shed!

Bodybuilder Off Season vs On Season
Ronnie Coleman 8x Mr Olympia: Off Season vs On Season

Weight Gain Essentials for the Off-Season

Some ill-informed beginners and mediocrely trained professionals believe “eat junk, get bulked”. However, nothing can be as harmful as following this mantra for quick bulking. The idea about bulking up is that doing it in the wrong way could necessarily be disastrous. The rigid fat gained through junk eating is not easy to get rid of in the short sight. Often regarded as unsaturated fats, these are also highly harmful in the long run. Even if the athlete is able to shed the weight and the fat, the repercussions stay for long. From heart diseases to cramps and even organ failure, everything is possible and has occurred in the past.

Hence, most nutritionists and coaches advise their professionals to gain steady and through natural food. For bodybuilders, meat, milk, and other high protein diet happen to be the life-savers. The idea is to increase the number of meals per day and slightly increase each portion’s size. The weight gain has to imply through clean eating and intake so that no residues are left. Moreover, the gain has to be regulated, so that there are no induced diseases or threats.

Most athletes increase the calorie count and the carb intake through meat, rice (or pasta), veggies, milk-based products, and other essentials. Protein and other natural supplements often play a significant role, as well. Abuse of any diet is strictly barred, and every pound gained has to be done in a smart way. The long-term goal and the competition weight range always stick through the athlete’s mind.

Off-Season Conditioning

In addition to weight gain, the off-season conditioning also plays an important role. Most athletes have round the year coaching staff and conditioning aids. These men and women take care of the athlete’s well-being and their body development round the clock. The idea of conditioning is to keep the body up to mark and not let the sedentary ghosts take over. Through nutrition and conditioning balance, the perfect prep for the entire year ahead is done efficiently. The conditioning routine might involve changing up the exercises, giving rest to the body, and countering muscle monotony.

But Why Weight Gain only during the off-season?

The idea is simple: not even an ounce of weight gain is unplanned. For professionals who stick through hard work, years of making goes into a competition. So, to utilize the off period and prepare the body for the training time, the off-season remains the best. The weight and fat gained during the off-season are smartly managed and transformed into the bulk. Simultaneously, the athletes also refine their muscles, their cuts, and the overall frame. Hence, smart utilization of the available resources and time is the order of the day. The higher the gains, the more will be the ability of the muscles to extract fuel. This provides for the best possible frame and the ideal results during the competitive season.

Importance of Balanced Off-Season Weight Gain

While weight gain remains imminent, the idea is to balance it out with the right results. Due to the competitive toughness throughout the year, the off-season gains remain paramount. Contrary to bodybuilding’s popular idea, the winning mentality is set up right during the off-season itself. For the seasoned athletes, there is literally no time off. It might appear to the typical crowd that an athlete is relatively out of shape, but it is all part of a scheme to unravel. Through decades of determination and balancing tasks, it becomes possible for the bodybuilders to establish themselves permanently. Every pound gained during the off-season is a step that needs careful processing and refinement for future success.

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