What is CrossFit WOD? Everything You Need To Know!

For any new person entering the world of CrossFit, the terminologies associated with it can be daunting. It often occurs that in the initial few days, a person feels as if lost at sea while dealing with such terms. CrossFit WOD, or simply WOD, is one of the many terms that are often confusing. What is even worse is the situation when the trainer starts bounding around a lecture on WOD, and you are left out. So, to avoid a position of such loss of efficiency and embarrassment, a head-start can be quite handy.

The other reason for emphasizing on terms like CrossFit WOD is the sheer nature of the task. Unlike any different regular exercise routine, CrossFit involves a unique set of techniques. Hence, it becomes literally essential for the user to be on the understanding side of the spectrum to grasp the most. Even a small blip defeats the whole purpose of CrossFit, which is intensity and consistency!

WOD (Workout of the Day) Routine

In CrossFit, the entire routine is divided into different parts or phases. One of the most crucial phases of the entire regime is the CrossFit WOD acronym for workout of the day. The “workout of the day” is that part of a CrossFit regime where a person has to push themselves simply. The idea is simple: A particular exercise, maximum number of reps, different forms, do it as much as you can, but safely!

While deciding the WOD, the trainer focuses on one skill or one particular tool at a time. For example, if it has to be the barbell, there would be 5-7 different CrossFit exercises involved. While doing these, the idea is never to let the intensity die down or let the body cool down. The routine would usually be fixed over a 15 to 20 minutes time period and would follow in the second or third spot in the day’s schedule.

While going all out for the WOD, it is extremely necessary to follow the trainer’s instructions. At no point in time, should the user go into the set without proper guidance? For any of the experienced professionals, these can be performed without strict monitoring too.

Safety Concerns

With the WOD, the reviews are mixed as well. For many of the starting and moderately experienced ones, it is quite a tough ask. One main reason for this is due to the intensity and the demand of the WOD. A lot of people often feel that it can aggravate damage to the individuals and is highly risky as well. However, it is always a written and stated fact that any CrossFit activity is not suggestible without a coach.

When WOD is performed under professional guidelines, every aspect is considered thoroughly. The batches or groupings also composed of individuals with similar core strengths. Moreover, there are infinite weight options in every CrossFit WOD exercise routine. Under a professional hand, the right weight meets the right user. Hence, there are no safety concerns, given that the rules are strictly followed.

Other sections of a CrossFit Routine

In addition to the WOD, which happens to be the core part, there are other parts as well. The sections namely consist of:

Warm-Up Routine

The warm-up routine for the CrossFit regime consists of the stretches and light exercises. Most of these are supposed to get the blood flow going and the adrenaline pumping for the remainder of the sessions. Correct sort of warm-up exercises stretch the right amount and selection of muscles in the right way and prepare the person. An estimate of the usual time duration of 15 minutes is allotted to the warm-up routine for the exercises.

Warm Up Crossfit

Skill Training

The skill training routine is another one that focuses on strength and core development. Executed under the guidance of professional CrossFit individuals, the routine is 15 to 20 minutes long. These include the traditional and variable versions of exercises like deadlifts etc. The skillset focuses on the enhancement of the particular skill that would further be utilized into WOD.

The core muscle group and the region under focus for the WOD is also the target for the skill training. The whole idea of the routine is to induce the right form and posture and enhance the muscles’ memory for higher retention.

Cool Down

Because of the high-intensity training that is involved in CrossFit, cooling down becomes extremely necessary. If not followed properly, it can leave the muscles in a prolonged state of stress and cause damage. Moreover, the cooling down exercises form the transitional bridge between the normal routine and the finishing half. Most coaches emphasize on spending at least 10 minutes of the last section of CrossFit training for a proper cooling down sequence. This makes the muscles and the body to relax and also caps off a day’s work out.

Cool down crossfit

Basic WOD exercise routines for starters

As already clear, WOD varies both in terms of intensity and toughness. To make sure that neither of the two factors get better of the individual, the levels are regulated. For beginners, a few exercises, along with their variants, are the preferable option. Meanwhile, as the scale goes up, the coaches prefer to make the routine more unpredictable and complicated.

Ten to One Reverse Countdown Sets

The exercise contains two of the basic formations that develop in building core.

  • The kettlebell swings
  • The front located dumbbell thrusts

The idea is to do these sets in a way that starts from 10 of each and declines a level at a time. Hence, going in the sequence of ten, nine, eight and so on would mean a continuous and exhausting workout. It is to be remembered that the intensity of the exercise routine should not die at any point in time.

Kettlebell swings crossfit

Core body Weight Training

The core bodyweight training consists of the exercise that builds an overall efficient profile. The core exercises such as pushups, sit-ups, air squats, etc. are utilized in a combined way. The right order of doing these is at least 3 or 5 sets. The number of reps might vary between 10 and 15. The main idea, much like other WOD routines is to sustain the intensity of the workout at all times.

The Combination

Using 3 of the basic yet essential elements of exercise routine helps to create another regime. The three basics elements, namely:

  • Pushups
  • Pull-ups
  • Quarter-mile runs

These are to be performed at least five times. The number of reps for the first two can vary between 10 and 15 each. The exercise should be performed in a continuous manner, with a steady intensity level being maintained throughout. Post finishing these, the body should be allowed to cool down for a moderate amount of time.

Jump and Lunge

The perfect combination to shake up the entire body and develop leg as well as core strength. The routine involves the use of both forms with extra aid, for example:

  • Five continuous sets of moderately paced lunges along with moderate weights for better core buildup
  • 60 reps or continuous 5 minutes of rope jumps

The activity has to be followed up by a moderate amount of cooling time as well. The intensity during this WOD variant has to be high at all times.

The Squat Combination

The squat combination consists of a few variants of the basic squat exercise regime. The entire routine is distributed and divided into four sets:

  • Open up the routine by performing a weighted squat and retaining that form for at least 2 minutes or more if possible.
  • The next in the line would be the burpees, air squats, and sit-ups.
  • There should be a total of 5 sets of these, with ten reps for the first exercise, 15 reps for the second exercise, and the remaining air squats to be 20 in number.
air squat crossfit

The Emphasis on CrossFit WOD

What comes out to be an understanding from the entire WOD predicament is that it is CrossFit’s heart and soul. This is also one of the primary reasons why the trainers advise their clients to save the maximum energy for this segment and keep it high intensity. A lot of effectiveness actually depends on the intensity level, which also explains the need for higher endurance levels. Mixed with the skillset training regime, the WOD is a potential life-changer for every CrossFit enthusiast. Most of the time, the CrossFit centers provide optimum guidance for safe and correct execution.

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