This is Why Physique Competitors Wear Shorts

When looking for the aesthetic in bodybuilding, many eyes turn toward the Men’s Physique division. The bodies as flaunted by the men’s physique athletes on stage have a flow of swiftness in them. Compared to the daunting freakish muscles monsters in the open category, the physique bodies are more desirable and build-able by the general population. However, the men’s physique division receives a lot of hate for not training legs as they get covered up by the long shorts. Though it is as per the regulations they have to wear those shorts, some fans of bodybuilding have demeaned the whole division because of a little stint of dirt in the ocean. To those willing to move past the hate and look beyond, there are two questions that rise up. Why do physique competitors wear shorts and do physique competitors train legs or not? The answer to the first question is-

Men’s Physique competitors wear broad shorts because it is as per the rules of the show they’re competing in. The rules state them to do so because the division was created with a vision to appeal to the general population. The division is said to create an image for a beach body as aspired by men in general. To live up to the full image, the competitors have to dress like it as well. Though most competitors do train leg, they get hidden under the short and are not visible. So judging leg based from what can be seen on stage is foolish. To simply put forth and prove that physique competitors train leg we have put up a compilation of images below of men’s physique athletes flaunting their legs.

Why Men’s Physique Competitors Wear Shorts?

The Rules Say So

The rules of men’s physique as prescribed by various federation requires the athletes to wear broad shorts or trunks covering up to the point of knee. The judges are required to judge based on the athlete’s upper body, overall symmetry and condition. The athlete should have a stage presence and know, how to carry them with poise around it. Over muscularity and crude poses are strictly banned. The division focuses on aesthetic accompanied by a vision of a more achievable look.

Accentuate the Upper Body

As stated above, the upper body is the number one criteria on the judge’s list in this division. To carry it out effectively, the lower body is completed masked by the medium of broad shorts. This helps highlight what is needed to be seen by the audience and judges. Display of legs may deter the viewers from the main vision of this division. Therefore one of the solid reasons why physique competitors wear shorts is to highlight and keep the focus more on their upper bodies while completely ignoring the lower body.

Beach Body Factor

If you take a hard look at a men’s physique athlete’s attire, you’ll notice how much similar it looks to a shredded guy chilling out on a beach. The resemblance is intentional as it is the image the athletes are drawn to look at the stage. Beach Body is a concept you’ll hear a lot soon when the summer season is about to strike. From trainers to fitness enthusiasts all go gala about the beach body funda. The beach body simply means toned up muscles, low body fat and a shredded body flaunting some biscuits on the abdomen. At a beach, a person is expected to be somewhat naked enjoying the atmosphere. When without clothes an unfit body is not a dream most of us idolise. A fit body just doesn’t look good but provides sparking confidence in personality. As rational human beings, we look up to being more confident and fit when running around naked. The beach body concept arises from this need. It is the standard drawing out for what a good looking body is like.

Attract the Gen Pop

Now that you’re well versed with the concept of a beach body, we come down to why it is the only bodybuilding category that solely focuses on that aspect. The bodybuilding fans love most of the type of physiques on display in various categories. The line for us extends till the freakish open class as well. What might be normal for us to fantasize is not what the majority of the gen pop or general population with not so much to zero interest in bodybuilding have. If you go out to take a census about how various physique appeal to the people who are not bodybuilding fans, you’ll be surprised to notice how men’s physique athletes get more votes than any other category. The reason why these physiques are more desirable is because of the fact a person can hope for and if put in the right effort can achieve a physique like it. Whereas on the other hand, if a person aims to look like an open category bodybuilder, he very well may go compete in the division. Those bodies require some serious work on the diet and supplement aspect. Although, this doesn’t mean the men’s physique guys have it easy. They have to put up equal work in the gym to carve up each part on symmetry. If you ever get to see a physique athlete up close, you’ll be surprised to see how big even some of them are.

Addressing The Common Myth

The men’s physique division gets a lot of hate for not training legs. Which is simply not true. Just because the legs are not visible on stage doesn’t mean they are also ignored in the gym. In order to achieve symmetry all over, each muscle has to be worked even if it gets hidden behind shorts. If these athletes really didn’t train legs and had chicken legs, it would be quite visible on stage. For they would look really funny to have huge torsos with sticks underneath. But if you look closely, they do not look like sticks at all. Judging just from the calves one could conclude that quads, hamstrings and glutes are beefed up as well. To further add to our point and make it stronger, below are picture proofs for the same.

Physique Competitors Have Chicken Legs

As displayed below our some of the snaps of IFBB men’s physique athletes flaunting their legs. They’re not just men’s physique athletes, but they’re amongst the winners and top 5 at Olympia weekend. Technically they’re the bosses of bosses in the physique division. To change your mind or rather clear off your mind from the perception- Men’s Physique athletes have chicken legs we didn’t muster up repetitive content as proof. We went an extra mile and collected pictures of physique athletes miring and proving the common myth wrong.

Jeremy Buendia is no ordinary men’s physique athlete. He is the best men’s physique athlete there ever has been. He is the only one in the men’s physique division to have won the Mr Olympia Men’s Physique title more than once- 4 times in a row. He is the perfect example here.

Another Mr Olympia Men’s Physique winner. Brandon Hendrickson was the Men’s Physique winner at the Olympia weekend in 2018. Besides Jeremy Buendia, he has the highest appearance in the top 5 at the Olympia weekend in the Men’s Physique division.

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Ryan Terry is a fan favourite. Although he hasn’t won any Olympia title, he has made several appearances in the top 5 and was placed 2nd at the 2016 Olympia Weekend.

Jason Poston was amongst the first few athletes when the men’s physique division first took off in the year 2013. He placed amongst the top 5 for three years in row- 2013, 2014 and 2015. Without a doubt it can be said, he flaunts one of the beefiest legs in the men’s physique division.


The answer to the question- Why do physique competitors wear shorts is a multi-faceted one. The answer ranges from as a necessity of rule to picture out the perfect beach look. Demeaning any athlete or division as a whole based on a myth is completely wrong as well. Especially when the myth is so blind that it doesn’t even look at the facts/proofs. Men’s Physique is a popular category and will continue to do so in the future as it appeals to the masses. The question of why do they wear shorts isn’t a mystery rather a fully answered question if one is willing to unearth its mystery from their heads.

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