10 Best Mat Fraser Quotes [CrossFit]

Mat Fraser is a famous pro-CrossFit athlete from America. His story is one of those which really does justice to the quote- ‘Never give up!’. Upon Rich Froning Jr’s (Reigning CrossFit Games champion for the years 2011-2014) retirement after 2014, Mat Fraser was deemed for winning the 2015 CrossFit Games owing to his spectacular performance in 2014. But the title slipped from his hand in the last event where he lost to Ben Smith. He did lose the title, but he didn’t lose the spirit and came back even stronger with the will to win. His hard work and determination won his the title in not just 2016 but also for the next 3 more years i.e. 2017, 2018 & 2019. Making him the next after Rich Froning Jr to win 4 consecutive CrossFit Games titles. These quotes by Mat Fraser are a true reflection of how he achieved this milestone. Dive into these 10 best Mat Fraser quotes and get your self working hard.

Mat Fraser Quotes

You don’t train to picture yourself second place on the podium. Second place sucks.

Hard work pays off.

Today I will do what others won’t, so tomorrow I can do what others can’t.

Mat Fraser Crossfit Quotes

Grip it and rip it.

I can focus on what I want to focus on now.

I consciously seek out every day ‘what am I bad at?’ and ‘how can I pound this weakness until it’s a strength?

I’ve gone there and lost, and then gone there and lost again. After that, there’s not too much more that can go wrong.

I’ve figured out a lot of the kinks on my end. Now, it’s about showing up on game day.

For a long time I hated that [silver] medal, It kept me up at night. It was a source of disappointment. Now I wouldn’t trade that medal for anything.

They don’t see the behind the scenes of how much goes into it. How dedicated my day to day is. That my life revolves around it. Eating, sleeping, training, social life. Everything.


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