List of Mr Universe Winners by Year [Mr Universe F.A.Q]

Mr Universe is not only amongst the biggest platform available for bodybuilders to showcase their art. But it was also the first of its kind global bodybuilding contest at its time. The event takes place annually and hosts a variety of competition in various divisions. The most renowned of all is the Mr Universe (Pro) title awarded to the winner of Men’s Open category in the professional segment of the show. The Universe Championships came into existence in the year 1948. It was established by NABBA (National Amateur Body-Builders’ Association). NABBA is still the organiser of Universe Championships. Since its inception in the year 1948, there have been various Mr Universe winners over the years. However, professional Mr Universe was not the first-ever title held. In fact, Mr Universe (Pro) became a title in the year 1952. Before that 3 Mr Universe (Amateur) titles were awarded. The event didn’t take place in the year 1949, hence the 3 titles only. Mr Universe in the golden era days was an active platform for the bodybuilders which later became Mr Olympia. A number of great Mr Olympia winners during the ’60s to the ’80s were first Mr Universe. Let’s find out who these were bodybuilders were from the below Mr Universe winners list. Because there are two forms in which Mr Universe takes place- Pro and Amateur, we will be mentioning the winners of Mr Universe from both the segments in our list.

Mr Universe List of Winners

YearMr Universe (Pro)Mr Universe (Amateur)
1948John Grimek
1950Steve Reeves
1951Reg Park
1952Juan FererroManohar Aich
1953Arnold DysonBill Pearl
1954Jim ParkEnrico Thomas
1955Leo RobertMickey Hargitay
1956Jack DelingerRay Schaeffer
1957Arthur RobinJohn Lees
1958Reg ParkEarl Clark
1959Bruce RandallLen Sell
1960Paul WynterHenry Downs
1961Bill PearlRay Routledge
1962Len SellJoe Abbenda
1963Joe AbbendaTom Sansome
1964Earl MaynardJohn Hewlett
1965Reg ParkElmo Santiago
1966Paul WynterChester Yorton
1967Bill PearlArnold Schwarzenegger
1968Arnold SchwarzeneggerDennis Tinerino
1969Arnold SchwarzeneggerBoyer Coe
1970Arnold SchwarzeneggerFrank Zane
1971Bill PearlKen Waller
1972Frank ZaneElias Petsas
1973Boyer CoeChris Dickerson
1974Chris DickersonRoy Duval
1975Boyer CoeIan Lawrence
1976Serge NubretShigeru Sugita
1977Tony EmmotBertil Fox
1978Carlos RodriguezDave Johns
1979Bertil FoxAhmet Enünlü
1980Tony PearsonBill Richardson
1981Robby RobinsonJohn Brown
1982Edward KawakJohn Brown
1983Edward KawakJeff King
1984Edward KawakBrian Buchanan
1985Edward KawakTim Belknap
1986Lance DreherCharles Clairmonte
1987Olev AnnusBasil Francis
1988Charles ClairmonteVictor Terra
1989Charles ClairmonteMatt Dufresne
1990Charles ClairmontePeter Reid
1991Victor TerraReiner Gorbracht
1992Peter ReidMustafa Mohammad
1993Edward KawakDennis Francis
1994John TerilliNick van Beeck
1995Brian BuchananGrant Clemesha
1996Shaun DavisFederico Focherini
1997Eddy EllwoodGrant Thomas
1998Eddy EllwoodGary Lister
1999Eddy EllwoodFranco Malè
2000Eddy EllwoodSergei Ogorodnikov
2001Eddy EllwoodSteffen Müller
2002Gary ListerCostantino Galeazzo
2003Gary ListerHassan Al Saka
2004Hassan Al SakaSteve Sinton
2005Sergei OgorodnikovCharles Mario
2006Steve SintonTomáš Bureš
2007Orazio SalvatoriOrazio Salvatori
2008Alessandro SaviLionel Beyeke
2009Mahadev DekaMartin Kasal
2010Charles MarioMiha Zupan
2011Sangram ChougulePaulo Lima Santos
2012Sangram ChouguleAndy Polhill
2013Lee Priest
2014Dave TittertonBarny Du Plessis
2015Tony MountPaul Stewart
2016Tony MountFabian Mayr
2017Shaun Joseph-TavernierLee Seung Chul
2018Lee Seung ChulLoughlin Gannon
2019Josh MaleyJack Brooker
Mr Universe Past Winners

Bodybuilders Who Held Both Mr Olympia & Mr Universe Titles

Mr Olympia & Mr Universe are both important titles in bodybuilding. Mr Olympia winners are considered to be one of the finest. Imagine, a Mr Olympia who has not only won just that but also another celebrated title- Mr Universe. Well, it used to be a thing in the golden days. Today, it is rare a Mr Olympia competitor even stands on Mr Universe stage or the opposite. But there was an era where it did happen. It didn’t just happen but bodybuilders won both the titles in the same years for a streak as well. Let’s find out who are these Mr Universe winners who went on to win the Olympia title as well.

Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Arnold Schwarzenegger won the Mr Universe (Pro) title three times consecutively in the year 1968, 1969 and 1970 & Mr Universe (Amateur) once in the year 1967. On the other hand, he won the Mr Olympia title 7 times in the years 1970, 1971, 1072, 1973, 1974, 1975 and 1980.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Mr Olympia
Madison Square Garden Center / Public domain

Frank Zane:

Frank Zane won the Mr Universe (Pro) title in the year 1972 and the Mr Universe (Amateur) in the year 1970. On the other hand, he won the Mr Olympia title 3 times consecutively in the years 1977, 1978 and 1979.

Chris Dickerson:

Chris Dickerson won the Mr Universe (Pro) title in the year 1974 and the Mr Universe (Amateur) in the year 1973. On the other hand, he won the Mr Olympia title once in the year 1982.

Highest Number of Mr Universe Titles

The record number of Mr Universe (Pro) is 5 wins by Eddy Ellwood from the year 1997 to 2001. For the amateur segment, the record number of Mr Universe (Amateur) wins is 2 wins by John Brown from 1981 to 1982. If we were to combine both pro and amateur as 1 and count for who has the highest wins including both. Then the top spot still remains with Eddy Ellwood with 5 wins. The next best is 4 wins by Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bill Pearl and Charles Clairmonte.

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Who is the current Mr Universe?

The current NABBA Mr Universe as of 2019 is Josh Maley from United Kingdoms.

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