How much does Mr Olympia win?

Mr Olympia is the biggest bodybuilding competition in the whole world in the sport of bodybuilding. It is held annually and a lot of IFBB professional bodybuilders both men and women compete in various divisions for the title in their respective category. The main highlight and the main title of the show is the Men’s open bodybuilding category. The winner of the men’s open bodybuilding category wins the Eugene Sandow Trophy, the winning check and is crowned the title of Mr Olympia. It is the most prominent category which has been forever since the inception of Mr Olympia in the year 1965. Many other divisions have joined the race but the spotlight and the money still shines more on the big bodybuilders with massive muscles and popping veins. Bodybuilding fanatics are well aware of Mr Olympia and we all place our bets on our favourite Bodybuilders. If you, as a fan of the sport has wondered what do these big dudes get awarded for the work they put behind all year and the sacrifice of food and water they make before stepping on the grand stage, then you shall be provided with all the answers to your questions today.

So how much does Mr Olympia win? The 2019 Mr Olympia winner won a check of $400,000 and the Sandow trophy. Brandon Curry was crowned the 2019 Mr Olympia. Since the inception of Mr Olympia in the year 1965, the prize money has steadily increased from $1000 to $400,0000 today. But the $1000 for the 1965 Mr Olympia was only the promised winning prize but the winner didn’t get it. So what happened then? Let’s find out-

Although for the 1965 Mr Olympia, the promised prize money was $1000 instead a red crown was awarded to Larry Scott- The first ever Mr Olympia. It was then in the year 1975 when the winning prize was increased from $1000 to $2500 where Arnold Schwarzenegger took home the Eugene Sandow Trophy. Year after a year the prize money witnessed a steady increase as years passed by and Mr Olympia started gaining popularity and money started flowing in. In 1990, the winning amount crossed the $100,000 mark and Lee Haney won the stage that year to take that winning amount and the Sandow trophy home. Now since 2015 where Phil Heath was crowned the Champion, to this date, where Brandon Curry is the Mr Olympia the prize money has remained the same that is $400,000.

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The change of prize money from the year 1965-Present

1965 Larry Scott
1966 Larry Scott $ 1,000
1967 Sergio Oliva $ 1,000
1968 Sergio Oliva $ 1,000
1969 Sergio Oliva $ 1,000
1970 Arnold Schwarzenegger $ 1,000
1971 Arnold Schwarzenegger $ 1,000
1972 Arnold Schwarzenegger $ 1,000
1973 Arnold Schwarzenegger $ 1,000
1974 Arnold Schwarzenegger $ 1,000
1975 Arnold Schwarzenegger $ 2,500
1976 Franco Columbu $ 5,000
1977 Frank Zane $ 5,000
1978 Frank Zane $ 15,000
1979 Frank Zane $ 25,000
1980 Arnold Schwarzenegger $ 25,000
1981 Franco Columbu $ 25,000
1982 Chris Dickerson $ 25,000
1983 Samir Bannout $ 25,000
1984 Lee Haney $ 50,000
1985 Lee Haney $ 50,000
1986 Lee Haney $ 55,000
1987 Lee Haney $ 55,000
1988 Lee Haney NA
1989 Lee Haney NA
1990 Lee Haney $ 100,000
1991 Lee Haney $ 100,000
1992 Dorian Yates $ 100,000
1993 Dorian Yates $ 100,000
1994 Dorian Yates $ 100,000
1995 Dorian Yates $ 110,000
1996 Dorian Yates $ 110,000
1997 Dorian Yates $ 110,000
1998 Ronnie Coleman $ 110,000
1999 Ronnie Coleman $ 110,000
2000 Ronnie Coleman $ 110,000
2001 Ronnie Coleman $ 110,000
2002 Ronnie Coleman $ 110,000
2003 Ronnie Coleman $ 110,000
2004 Ronnie Coleman $ 120,000
2005 Ronnie Coleman $ 150,000
2006 Jay Cutler $ 155,000
2007 Jay Cutler $ 155,000
2008 Dexter Jackson $ 155,000
2009 Jay Cutler $ 200,000
2010 Jay Cutler $ 200,000
2011 Phil Heath $ 200,000
2012 Phil Heath $ 250,000
2013 Phil Heath $ 250,000
2014 Phil Heath $ 275,000
2015 Phil Heath $ 400,000
2016 Phil Heath $ 400,000
2017 Phil Heath $ 400,000
2018 Shawn Rhoden $ 400,000
2019 Brandon Curry $ 400,000

How much did the other positions win in 2019 Mr Olympia Men’s open bodybuilding?

For the last Mr Olympia, after the previous Mr Olympia winner of 2018- Shawn Rhoden’s participation in 2019 was revoked everyone was uncertain who would win the following Olympia. Major bets were placed on William Bonac. But in an unlikely turn of events, Brandon Curry came out on the top and won the Eugene Sandow Trophy and a cash prize of $400,000 in form of a check. While Bonac secured the second place. So how much did the other runner ups along with William Bonac won? Let’s find out-

1st Position- Brandon Curry: $400,000

2nd Position- William Bonac: $150,000

3rd Position- Hadi Choopan: $100,000

4th Position- Dexter Jackson: $45,000

5th Position- Roelly Winklaar: $40,000

What was the prize money in other divisions of Mr Olympia?

212 Olympia

1st Position- Kamal Elgargni: $50,000
2nd Position-
Derek Lunsford: $20,000
3rd Position-
Shaun Clarida: $10,000
4th Position-
John Jewett: $6,000
5th Position-
Ahmad Ashkanani: $4,000

Men’s Physique

1st Position- Raymont Edmunds: $35,000
2nd Position- 
Andre Ferguson: $12,000
3rd Position-
Kyron Holden: $8000
4th Position-
Brandon Hendrickson: $4000
5th Position-
Ryan Terry: $2000

Classic Physique Olympia

1st Position- Chris Bumstead: $30,000
2nd Position-
Breon Ansley: $10,000 
3rd Position-
George Peterson: $5,000 
4th Position-
Keone Pearson: $3000
5th Position-
Chen Kang: $2000

Bikini Olympia

1st Position- Elisa Pecini: $50,000
2nd Position-
Janet Layug: $20,000 
3rd Position-
Angelica Teixeira: $12,000 
4th Position-
Lauralie Chapados: $7,000 
5th Position-
Jennifer Dorie: $6,000

Fitness Olympia

1st Position- Whitney Jones: $50,000
2nd Position-
Missy Truscott: $20,000
3rd Position-
Ryall Graber: $12,000
4th Position-
Jaclyn Baker: $7,000
5th Position-
Tiffany Chandler: $6,000

Figure Olympia

1st Position- Cydney Gillon: $50,000
2nd Position-
Latorya Watts: $20,000
3rd Position-
Nadia Wyatt: $12,000
4th Position-
Jessica Reyes Padilla: $7000
5th Positon-
Carly Starling-Horrell: $ 6000

Women’s Physique

1st Position- Shanique Grant: $40,000
2nd Position-
Sarah Villegas: $18,000
3rd Position-
Natalia Abraham Coelho: $12,000
4th Position-
Daniely Castilho: $6,000
5th Position-
Laura Pintado Chinchilla: $4,000

What do Bodybuilders earn apart from the title cash prize?

A Bodybuilder’s earnings are not limited to only the Mr Olympia cash prize. There are other bodybuilding competitions where Bodybuilders can earn from. The IFBB pro qualifiers for Mr Olympia have prizes involved along with the ticket to Mr Olympia. Apart from competitions, Most of the bodybuilders are sponsored by various nutritional supplements and sports gear brands. The brand deals bring them checks as well. Some of the bodybuilders have routed to the business line and successfully created their own empires. Many today, have built their own line of nutritional supplements, some even run their own gyms and many have their own training programs to offer to other people willing to be trained by them. A few bodybuilders have their own labelled bodybuilding shows. Some even took up acting and entered Hollywood, Arnold Schwarzenegger is the biggest example of this.

Today in this age of technology the platforms are many to grow out for the bodybuilders and physique athletes. Social media contributes a lot to their stardom and fan base and is an effective tool in getting them sponsorships and launching their own products and merchandise. Back in the day, it was difficult. The ones who stepped on the stage were renowned and the ones who didn’t make it rarely made their name. Today, a lot of them don’t compete and yet social media gives them a headlines to make.

The prize money in competitions have risen up over that years but it is still a debatable topic of is it enough for the amount of money Bodybuilders put in for the work all year round to step on that stage. As you know, Bodybuilding is one of the most expensive sports but is the prize money justified? What is your thought on it?

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