12 Ultimate Dorian Yates Quotes

Dorian Yates is one of the most looked upon Bodybuilders in the fitness industry. One for his training style and work ethic and the other for the fact he bought the mass equation into bodybuilding. Before him, the mass equation did exist but the aesthetics were more judged upon. Then Dorian Yates came in as a mass monster and took the Sandow home. Then he went on to take the Sandow home 6 times consecutively from 1992 to 1997. He earned the nickname- “The Shadow” owing to his unique work ethic and appearance at competitions. All round the year, he was the only bodybuilder no one knew where he was working out, how was he looking or what competitions he was going to make an appearance at. Yates lived under the shadow and when he would make a surprise entry at a competition he sure as hell stole the wins. Yates flaunts one of the best backs ever in bodybuilding. He was the one who ended Lee Haney’s streak of 8 Olympia wins in 1992 and then in 1998 paved way for Ronnie Coleman’s 8 Olympia wins where he didn’t participate and retired from Mr Olympia. Dorian Yates led the way for Mass Monsters in professional open bodybuilding. Yates currently has his own nutritional supplements line by the name- DY Nutrition. His work ethic is something that one should take notes from. Yates actively speaks about pertaining issues in the sport of bodybuilding. He also has a successful training program by the name- Blood and Guts. These quotes by Dorian Yates are sure to inspire you. Plunge into the below collection of Dorian Yates and take a bite of motivation and get inspired.

If those guys with better genes trained as hard and intense as me, I wouldn’t stand a chance!

The single biggest mistake that most beginners make is putting 100% of their effort into the positive (concentric) part of the rep while paying no attention to the negative (eccentric) segment.

Each workout is like a brick in a building, and every time you go in there and do a half-ass workout, you’re not laying a brick down. Somebody else is.

For me winning isn’t surprising at all.

If I listened to my instincts, I’d be down at the pub chasing women, not under a 400-pound bar squatting.

All else being equal, the guy with the best genetics will have the best physique. But rarely are all things equal.

At the end of the day, it’s not a weight contest, it’s a visual contest. And it doesn’t matter what you say you weigh, if you don’t look that big then you don’t look that big.

During weight cutting your mind plays tricks on you.

I’m not really good at knowing where 85 or 90 percent is. I only know where zero and one hundred is.

Small minds just can’t comprehend big spirits. To achieve something different you have to be willing to be mocked, hated and misunderstood. Use all negative energy to fuel the engine of determination within you and stay strong.

One set at extreme intensity does the muscle-building job. It must be stressed that the one final, all-out set I do takes me to the very limit of my capabilities. If you feel you can attempt a second set, then you couldn’t have been pulling out all the stops during the first set. It’s not pretty, but it works.

I also think you have less separation if you are fuller. If you go to the gym and pump your arms up they are bigger because of the blood volume, the fullness. But the separation is not so defined.


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