Build Massive Arms With These Old School Secrets

If you’re someone:

  1. Inspired by the old school or the golden era bodybuilders.
  2. Aiming to build impressive arms without the use of anabolic steroids.
  3. Searching for the old school secrets of building biceps and triceps.
  4. Get a set of bulging biceps and hanging triceps.

Then this piece of content is specially made with for you!

Arms even though a small muscle group is the most eye-catching of all. One may flaunt huge quads or a lats spreading far damn wide. But if you have noodle arms, is anyone going to even believe you been busting your a** in the gym? Umm…NO!

So why are built arms this important?

  • They are the most visible muscle group. Hence they’re the foremost criteria when someone judges your body.
  • Built arms give the illusion of you appearing jacked throughout. Get covered up in all the clothing you want and just have the sleeves cut off. People will know you’re jacked!
  • Well-built arms come forward as a sign of strength. Now would you arm wrestle someone with a 22-inch bicep and forearms displaying the map to heaven? I know, I wouldn’t dare step in that pit.

People often debate some modern bodybuilders have even bigger arms. So why bother looking at the bodybuilders of the bygone era? Well, you could it’s your choice. But give us a chance to change your mind. Take a look at the picture below.

On the left is Arnold Schwarzenegger and on the right is Ronnie Coleman. Both of them are the greatest bodybuilders or their own respective era’s. Schwarzenegger is from the golden era of bodybuilding. He won the Mr Olympia title 7 times. On the other hand, Ronnie Coleman is from what is better known as the mass era or the modern bodybuilding. He won the Mr Olympia 8 times.

Can you see the difference? If someone asks me to choose which type of body I’d desire from the two above. I’d go for the left one any given day. The bodybuilding of today has indulged more into steroids. As an outcome, thick waists and big butts aren’t a secret anymore. Controversies have played their part in addressing this issue. Luckily, a new wave to oppose the ‘bubble gut’ has emerged as well. Some new bodybuilders are choosing the path their sport ancestral paved. In the golden era days, steroids were a part of the culture but they didn’t play as big as a role they play today. Back then growth hormones and insulin weren’t even a thing for bodybuilders to inject. Today, it holds a commonplace in the culture. It wasn’t till the ’80s these growth hormones and insulin made its way into the bodybuilding. It was at the same time the golden era of bodybuilding ended as well.

While you could gun for the modern bodybuilder’s guns. The old school bodybuilding buffs know better. Ask a not-into-bodybuilding person about the picture above. Let them tell who looks better the golden era bodybuilder on the left or the bodybuilders of today on the right. You’ll have your answer. Fun story, while I was searching for that comparison image, my dad happened to be sitting beside me. He looked at the bodybuilder on the right and his immediate reaction was- “What the hell is this? This straight off looks bad. Never do steroids!”. Then I asked him about the old school bodybuilder on the left. His reaction this time was- “This is much better. Get your a** in the gym and work for a body like this.”

Best Old School Arms

Enough with the new school bodybuilding. From now on it’ll be all golden era. I have said enough. Let’s take a look at some of the golden era bodybuilders with impressive arms:

Impressive ain’t it? Now tell me don’t you wish for guns as shown in various pictures above? You do…right? So what is the secret behind these old school arms? If you were to build them, how would you do it? A series of question about how & what will start. Hold that thought, what if I tell you there is a book which addresses all these secrets? Interested? If yes, let’s talk about the book, if not, take a second look at those pictures above.

What is this book?

The book is- Huge Arms Fast- Old School Arms Secrets. Paul Becker (A bodybuilding historian for 30 years) has authored this book. This book combines information and secrets about the following:

  • Best old school exercises for biceps and triceps.
  • Building arms without using any sort of steroid.
  • How often should one train arms to let them guns peak? (Old school bodybuilders never trained arms once a week).
  • What type of equipment to use for the best possible result.
  • How many sets and reps to do? (Inspired by techniques of old school bodybuilders with best arms).
  • What kind of weight to use- Heavy, moderate or light?
  • How to train arms at home? (If you can’t make it to the gym in case).
  • The best way to develop all three heads of the tricep.
  • How to isolate your arms for a fruitful training session.

Getting all these secrets and recipe under one book for $27 is a bang for your buck. But hold on…this isn’t all. There are bonus free books as well alongside the Old School Arm Secrets. These bonus free books are all under this same price tag of $27. Better say they are free for a limited time only. Bonus free books are:

  1. Bonus 1: Gain 1″ on your arms in a week (Workout Program)
  2. Bonus 2: How to build a super-powerful grip (Old School Grip Strength Training Techniques)
  3. Bonus 3: Old School Bodybuilding Advice (Old school bodybuilding training and nutrition)
  4. Bonus 4: Old School Ab training (Get that waistline trimmed and ready for a vacuum pose)
  5. Bonus 5: Hercules Arms (5 Different Arm workouts)
  6. Bonus 6: Old School Bodybuilding Workout Technique ( Proven training strategies used by old school bodybuilders
  7. Bonus 7: Scientific Arm Building Program (Biceps & triceps macrocycle to blast your arms)
  8. Bonus 8: Lessons From The Past (Learn old school advice)

Where do you get all this? Click below to redirect to a safe checkout page. The books are all digital downloads. Download these books straight away!
If you need some time to think it over bookmark this page in your browser so that you do not forget and regret later.

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