List of Mr Universe Winners by Year [Mr Universe F.A.Q]

Mr Universe is not only amongst the biggest platform available for bodybuilders to showcase their art. But it was also

When was the golden era of bodybuilding?

When Was the Golden Era of Bodybuilding? [Explained]

One of the most debatable topics surrounding the golden era of bodybuilding is- When Was the Golden Era of Bodybuilding?

Bodybuilders Off Season

Why Do Bodybuilders Get Fat Off Season? Here is Why!

Bodybuilding is a highly challenging task that always gets millions of interesting reviews across the globe. Every person, either as

Big Biceps

Build Massive Arms With These Old School Secrets

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Bodybuilder Tattoo

Can Bodybuilders Have Tattoos? All Questions Answered!

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Why do female bodybuilders wear heels?

Why Do Female Bodybuilders Wear Heels? The Truth is Out

Female bodybuilding has been around for a long enough time for every aspect of it being elaborately detailed. However, most

Mr Olympia logo

Olympia Weekend 2020 Qualified Competitors List [Updated]

Since its inception in the year 1965, The Olympia weekend will complete a running streak of 56 years in the

Why physique competitors wear shorts?

This is Why Physique Competitors Wear Shorts

When looking for the aesthetic in bodybuilding, many eyes turn toward the Men’s Physique division. The bodies as flaunted by

Mr Olympia Men's Physique Winners

Men’s Physique Mr Olympia Winners [2013-Present]

When we think of bodybuilders, the images that first cross our minds are of guys with freakish muscles & veins

why do bodybuilders tan

Why Do Bodybuilders Tan? True Reason Behind it

Any profession or competition that has to deal with the superficial display of beauty or body shape would involve enhancements.

First Bodybuilder Ever

First Bodybuilder Ever | Legacy of Eugene Sandow

In the “Greek” language (per se), the process of developing muscle fibers, by a combination of weight training, increased caloric

Richest bodybuilders

13 Richest Bodybuilders With Massive Net Worths

Bodybuilding as a sport and an attraction has diversified tremendously in the recent past. The professional athletes no longer rely

Bodybuilding Documentaries

13 Unmissable Bodybuilding Documentaries [2020]

Bodybuilding is more than an exercise regime or a routine to build muscles. It is an art and a state

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How many contestants are in Mr Olympia? [Answered]

Mr Olympia is the most decorated title in bodybuilding. The purpose of establishing Mr Olympia in the year 1965 was

Youngest Mr Olympia and Oldest Mr Olympia

Youngest Mr Olympia & Oldest Mr Olympia Ever [Updated]

Mr Olympia is the king of all bodybuilding shows held. It has been more than 50+ years since its inception.

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Bodybuilders Who Won Mr Olympia Multiple Times

Mr Olympia content was invented with a view to bringing in together the top bodybuilders who won various other shows

Mandatory Bodybuilding Poses

8 Mandatory Bodybuilding Poses [Guide]

The art of bodybuilding is more than just the ability to have a perfect physique or refined look. A perfectly

Bodybuilder vs fighter

Do bodybuilders make good fighters?

When you catch sight of a big muscular dude walking down a street or grunting in your gym, does the

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Who holds the most Mr Olympia titles?

Mr Olympia is the most eminent title in the sport of bodybuilding. It is the title awarded to the winner

Who is the richest bodybuilder?

Who is the richest bodybuilder?

A question which a lot of us bodybuilding fans gets us curious is- How much do professional bodybuilders earn? We’re

Classic physique

What is the Classic Physique Bodybuilding Division?

The era of bodybuilding when bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Sergio Oliva, Larry Scott, Franco Columbo, Dave Draper, Serge

212 Mr Olympia

What is 212 bodybuilding category?

Somewhere in the ’90s, the golden era of bodybuilding started diminishing and an era of big bodybuilders came into being.


How much does Mr Olympia win?

Mr Olympia is the biggest bodybuilding competition in the whole world in the sport of bodybuilding. It is held annually

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Better known as the ‘The Gift’, Phil Heath has won Mr Olympia 7 times in a row. He is tied

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25 Quotes by Bodybuilders for Motivation

Learning directly from the masters of a particular field is the greatest thing one can do. If you’re trying to