All About the Millenium Dumbbell

Great feats of strength always baffle us, humans, the most. Imagine people lifting up 100 kilos of stones from the floor, pulling big vehicles for distance or walking carrying a 400-kilo frame. Just listening to this might impress some of us. But if you want to be more than just impressed, you can always these feats in action. Where do you get to see these things? Strongman competitive events are the place where you’ll witness big guys lifting what is unimaginable or impossible for the majority of the world. Pulling a vehicle or deadlifting a 1000 pounds is common amongst these strongmen. Although these are movements which most of us can perform with a lighter weight. If not a 1000 pound deadlift, a 100 pound may do. If not a bus, a smaller car will do fine for giving it a shot. Some of us may even get successful at the latter. But there are certain things which cannot be done by us all and only someone as strong as a strongman can do it.

One of these things is the millennium dumbbell. No, it is not your ordinary dumbbell you could find at your gym. Rather, its a special dumbbell which only a handful of people in this world have been able to lift. Even some of the strongest strongman fail to break ground on this dumbbell. So what is with this dumbbell making it to difficult to even get a few inches off the ground?

What is a Millennium dumbbell?

Millennium dumbbell is one of the most challenging dumbbells in the world. What makes this dumbbell so challenging is its weight, its grip and its structure. The grip or the handle of the dumbbell is 2.38″ (60 mm) thick in diameter. To give you an idea of how thick it is, the cylindrical portion of a soda can is about the same size. When talking about lifting the dumbbell, the accepted way is to deadlift it with a single hand. The weighted area of the dumbbells- the two heads on the sides are rounded in the millennium dumbbell. This adds more difficulty when lifting the dumbbell off the ground because it tends to roll out of the hands, thanks to the roundness. The most effective way to get a grip on the dumbbell is to squeeze hard the handle on the dumbbell. This is same as the technique used when gripping on an axle bar. One has to practically crush the handle between their palms in order to get a grip on this mighty dumbbell. So a larger hand will have some advantage. But it does not necessarily mean larger the hand the easy it is to lift this dumbbell up. It requires both technique and impressive grip strength. As said before, even some of the world strongest man winners haven’t been able to lift this king of a dumbbell up.

The millennium dumbbell flaunts the same characteristics that of the Thomas Inch dumbbell. The handle is the same but the only reason why millennium dumbbell is more challenging than an Inch dumbbell is its weight. So…

How heavy is the Millennium dumbbell?

The original millennium dumbbell is a whopping 228 lbs (Approx 103.4 kg). Comparing this to the Thomas Inch dumbbell (previously known as the un-liftable dumbbell before the millennium dumbbell came in), it is 56 pounds heavier. The millennium dumbbell was introduced by Steve Gardener- one of the few people who have broken it off the ground. The dumbbell is the next level for those who have successfully lifted the inch dumbbell with a single hand. Apart from the weight, the two dumbbells are the same thing.

Who has lifted the Millennium dumbbell

As said before, the incredible feat of mere picking this dumbbell off the ground has been successfully achieved by some. Those ‘some’ grip gods are-

Laine Snook- Laine Snook takes the top spot here simply because he is the only one who has simultaneously deadlifted two-millennium dumbbell each on one hand. Find it hard to believe? Watch the video below

Steve Gardener- Steve Gardener is said to be the man who presented the world with the millennium dumbbell. The creator obviously broke it off the ground.

Odd Haugen- Odd Haugen was the first-ever person to successfully deadlift the millennium dumbbell. Those before him only lifted it off and failed to deadlift it completely.

Brian Shaw- Brian Shaw needs no introduction. He is one of the most humble and biggest strongmen. In a training session with Eddie Hall, Brian Shaw deadlifted the millennium dumbbell for reps. Yes, you head it right REPS! Don’t believe it? Well, check out the video below.

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