8 Strongman Documentaries & Movies Worth Watching in 2020

Strongman is one of the most intriguing strength sport in the world. The mere strength as shown by the strongman athletes is so impressive, we are immediately drawn to it. To get their dose of Strongman strength, one can rely on the many competitions that take place all around the year. Some of them to name will be World’s Strongest Man, Arnold Strongman Classic, Giants Live etc. But watching just the competitions sets a monotony and you start to crave for something different. It’s one thing to watch the end effort displayed by the athletes on the final stage but it is another to watch them train for it and see the real behind the reel of the camera. Ironically, this is where the movies, documentaries and TV shows come into play. They successfully convey to us the struggles, life, diet and training of these athletes. In short, it takes us behind what goes in before stepping on the stage and performing the lift. Today we shall shed some light onto such Strongman movies, Strongman documentaries and Strongman shows. They’re sure to get you a new perspective of this sport and also to get a deep insight into what it is really to be like a Strongman. Without any further ado, let’s begin with our list of Strongman movies and Strongman documentaries.

Strongman Movies & Documentaries

Born Strong (2017)

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Born Strong is a strongman documentary that revolves around the life of 4 strongman- Brian Shaw, Eddie Hall, Zydrunas Savickas and Hafthor Bjornsson. This Strongman movie is focused around the competition at the 2016 Arnold Strongman Classic. The 4 aforementioned athletes are the biggest competitors for the year and all weight above a massive 400 lbs. Brian Shaw is the defending champion, Zydrunas Savickas (acknowledged as one of the best Strongman in the world) has made a return to the stage after a break, Eddie Hall and Hafthor Bjornsson are both at their prime and are ready to kill with the mindset of ‘Whatever it takes’ to win the title. The documentary does not solely depict the competition but rather goes full length into the lives of these athletes. From how they train to what they eat to where they live and whom they live with. It covers all.

So if as a strongman enthusiast you want to watch how your favourite strongman of today get motivated, what do they do apart from the competition life, what all do they sacrifice to be what they are, then this is the strongman documentary for you to watch. It’ll blow you away with the realization of how hard it is to be a strongman. This movie has everything you’d ask for, it has both the competition life and behind the life scenes of these Strongman athletes. On top of it, you get the wisdom of Arnold Schwarzenegger being shared at various parts of the movie. How he views the strongman competitions and what is his take on the sport of strongman. After all, his show- Arnold Strongman Classic is one of the biggest strongman competition out there owing to the highest purse the show carries.

Eddie: Strongman (2015)

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Eddie Hall nicknamed ‘The Beast’ is one of the most fans loved Strongman athlete of today. This strongman documentary covers his life as he prepares for the highest title in the Strongman sport- World’s Strongest Man. The movie with the brush of perfection paint a picture of Eddie’s life and what makes him the champion he is. It covers various parts of his life, from what motivates him to how he spends time with his family. This strongman movie really gives you an insight into what all an elite level strongman sacrifices and works to excel at becoming the strongest man on the planet and winning the WSM title. His peers who are also his competitors and officials related to Strongman express their views on Eddie Hall and his persona, and how he’ll lead the torch for the next generation of strongman. The incredible scenes of him lifting bazooka of weights will surely motivate every muscle in your body to start pumping and thumping some heavy loads immediately. The film is pretty fun to watch because of Eddie Hall’s fun and chill guy character. But at the same time, the movie will constantly remind you there is a beast within him who unleashes in front of heavy a** weights. It is definitely a must-watch strongman documentary.

30 Years of Pain

Where to watch? – Youtube

30 years of pain is one of the most important strongman documentaries for the strongman sport. It does not go into the lives of a specific or few athletes rather it celebrates the whole sport of strongman by commemorating the 30 years completion of the most prestigious strongman title- World’s Strongest Man at the time. In 2008, the World’s Strongest Man completed its 30 years. The first WSM event was held in the year 1977 at Universal Studios and the film was later released after the 2008 WSM event. Watching various strongman athletes over this 30 year period perform inhuman feats of strength and agility put forwards on display the intimate side of the competitors in this sport. The movie has 2 parts, one showcasing the full-fledged history of the strongman sport and the other focusing on aspects of one single year’s competition- WSM event of 2006 held at Sanya, China, where Phil Pfister bought back the trophy home to the USA after 22 years. The documentary is a must-watch for the true fans of the sport. The many footages of incredible feats of strength are a delight to an eye for any Strongman buff.

Stoneland (2016)

Where to watch? – Youtube

Highland Games hold an important part in the Strongman sphere. They are a representation of the Scottish culture. One of the parts of Highland Games known as Heavy Event pays dues to the Scottish strongman events. Scotland is one of the countries with a fully developed strongman culture. There are some strongman events which have been raised from Scotland. Most of these events involve stones, stones are a big part of both the Scottish strongman cultures and the global strongman circle. This strongman documentary travels through Highland a region in the country of Scotland and narrates the history of the stone lifting culture of Scotland. Recording stories of male record-holder and female record-holder who have successfully achieved feet of strength no one has dared to repeat again, this strongman film is a worthy watch. It’ll unite you with the Scottish & Celtic culture as well. This strongman movie is well worth the watch and is available for free in its full length at youtube. To save your time searching for it, we have embedded it below and so can watch the full documentary here itself.

The Strongest Man in History

Where to watch? – History Channel

The Strongest Man in History is not one of the strongman documentaries or movies rather it is a reality show. But it finds the mention here for the significance it holds and the viewership it gets due to the fan favourite strongman athletes starring in it. The show definitely spreads the spirit of the strongman sport and more than that it honours the strongman of the past who achieved feats no one has been able to replicate even today. It pays homage to those who laid the foundation bricks for the sport it is today. Brian Shaw, Eddie Hall, Robert Oberst and Nick Best are the four strongmen who travel to the places where the greatest strongman of the past was born. They try to replicate their feet of achievement by the best possible tools available today. They meet their families and the people around who knew them to get a better understanding of them. The show is full of fun factor and has great footages of impressive feet of strength as displayed by these 4 strongmen replicating the legends of the sport. The show is aired on the History Channel and is a much watch for those who love strongman sport and are intrigued by the historical part of the events.

The Giants of Iceland (2014)

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If you know Strongman, you know how well of a reputation Iceland holds for producing some of the best strongmen. So far there have been 3 Icelandic Strongman who have won the World’s Strongest Man. Iceland has produced people with impressive strength since the age of Vikings. The small nation in the middle of the ocean has a seemingly low population but is popular because of its strongman and other strength athletes. In fact, Iceland was bought under the global spotlight by the Icelandic Strongman Jón Páll Sigmarsson who won the WSM 4 times in the years 1984, 1986, 1988 & 1990. He is literally have said to put Iceland on the world map. With this extensive history of Vikings and modern-day strongman, VICE has made this small 20 minutes strongman documentary covering this strength culture of Iceland and it visits the other 2 Icelandic WSM winner Magnus Ver Magnusson and Hafthor Bjornsson plus a bunch of others to understand how and what makes Iceland the hub for Strongman. Watch the documentary below.

Fullsterkur (2018)

Where to watch? – Youtube

Fullsterkur is a part of strongman documentaries made by Rogue. It is yet another strongman movie discussing the strength culture of Iceland. Fullsterkur in English translates to Full Strength and it is pretty much what this documentary shows about the Icelandic culture originating since the times of the Vikings. This documentary features Magnus Ver Magnuson, Hafthor Bjornsson and Annie Thorisdottir, all strength athletes who have accomplished great titles in their respective fields. This movie goes the extra mile both in terms of length and history of seeking out the roots which give birth to the Icelandic strength which is popular throughout the world. It covers the traditions of Vikings, today’s strength athletes as seen in sports like Strongman and Crossfit and also the life of fisherman and farmers in Iceland. The movie very well depicts the tradition of heavy stone lifting in Iceland which runs back to the time of Vikings. So if you were amazed by the 20 minutes of The Giants of Iceland, then this 1 hour 27 minutes long strongman film is really going to appeal to you. The documentary has been embedded below too, to save you some time.

Larger Than Life

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Larger Than Life is yet another strongman documentary related to Iceland. But only this time it honours the greatest strongman athlete from Iceland Jón Páll Sigmarsson. The movie looks into the highlights of Jón Páll Sigmarsson’s life. From his love life to his 4 times WSM winning moments to the times he came down with an illness and stepped foot one last time at the gym. The movie is a coaster ride rolling through the life of not just a legend for Iceland but also for the strongman sport globally. He is called to be a legend not just for how he was the first person to win the WSM 4 times but also for how he was an excellent bodybuilder, weightlifter and a powerlifter as well. Name the strength sport at that time and Jón Páll Sigmarsson had its name embarked there. The movie is Larger Than Life for the reason he, in reality, lived larger than life. It’ll be clear from the various footages you’ll watch in the movies of him at the competition stage. You’ll also be very motivated and get to see first hand how vibrant of a personality he had. He wasn’t a boring athlete rather a fun one yelling his famous one-liners during performing of a lift. It is a must-watch for the true fans of the strongman sport. It’ll take you on a ride in the past, back when WSM was still in its developing phase and had just started.

List of 8 Strongman Documentaries & Movies

To summarize it all here are the 8 strongman documentaries and strongman movies as mentioned above:

  • Born Strong
  • Eddie: Strongman
  • 30 Years of Pain
  • Stoneland
  • The Strongest Man in History
  • The Giants of Iceland
  • Fullsterkur
  • Larger Than Life

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