5 Heaviest Strongman Who Won World’s Strongest Man

As evident from the name- Strongman is all about the strong men and their impressive feats of strength. Displaying strength through unusual ways, these athletes get both fans and non-alike curious. If you were to catch a glimpse of a professional Strongman passing by on a road, the first word to pop in your head will be- Giant! These athletes are so big they can make even the massive of bodybuilders like Ronnie Coleman and Marcus Ruhl feel shy. Do not believe us? Take a look for yourself.

Extreme Left- Brian Shaw (4 times WSM winner), Middle Left- Jay Cutler (4 times Mr Olmypia) & Extreme Right- Žydrūnas Savickas (4 times WSM winner)

Both shocking and impressive, right? The distinct feature about strongman apart from looking badass giants is their tall structure topped with a bodyweight the majority of us can’t recur to lift. Just to give you an idea of how massive we are talking about in terms of both height and weight, the average height and weight of last 5 World Strongest Man and Arnold Strongman Classic winners equal to 177.8 KG (Weight) & 1.958 m/6’42” (Height). Now isn’t that a lot! To feed your curiosity further, we have prepared a list of 5 Heaviest Strongman who has won the World’s Strongest Man. Some of these athletes are legends at the sport and have gone far enough to win each and every major title in the sport of Strongman. For this discussion, weight is the only centre point, to read more Strongman related topics, click here.

5 Heaviest Strongman Who Won The World’s Strongest Man

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (205 Kg/451.948 Lbs)

‘The Mountain’ is a mountain in actuality. The heaviest of all WSM winners, he tops this list of heaviest strongman with a whopping weight of 205 Kg. Popular for his cameo in the famous HBO show ‘Games of Thrones’ his popularity from the show didn’t go dry in his competitive phase. In fact, he carried the torch even further by making consistent appearances in the top 5 in many years at the World’s Strongest Man. 2018 was the year when Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson finally took the WSM trophy home.

Brian Shaw (200 Kg/440.925 Lbs)

Brian Shaw is among the most popular of strongman today. With a consistent record of amazing performances at WSM since over a decade and 4 WSM title wins in his pocket, there isn’t a pinch of doubt about the strength of Brian Shaw. Like “The Mountain”, he hones a tall and heavy structure. Brian Shaw has featured in a number of TV shows and movies. With the roles and cameos in movies & shows like- Kickboxer: Retaliation, Born Strong and The Strongest Man in History he is a fan favourite both on and off the screen. Shaw is also famous for his Youtube channel and has the most subscribed & active YT channel for any Strongman.

Zydrunas Savickas (170 Kg/374.786 Lbs)

Savickas aka ‘Big Z’ is a popular name in the Strongman community. His popularity is owed to his many achievements and honours in the Strongman world. To cite some examples- The most number of WSM title won- Top 3, 4 times WSM winner, 8 times Arnold Strongman Classic winner, 3 times Europe’s Strongest Man winner,14 times Lithuania’s Strongest Man winner and title holder of every major Strongman event. Savickas is an un-erasable legend of the Strongman game. His size and achievements are both- Heavy. Savickas weighs in at around 170 Kg.

Phil Pfister (170 Kg/374.786 Lbs)

Phil Pfister is known to be the Strongman who bought the WSM title back to the USA. After 1982 when Bill Kazmaier won the WSM title the award tally for USA at WSM went dry and it was until 2006 it was bought back to the USA by none other than one of the heaviest strongman- Phil Pfister. Even after his retirement in 2009, Pfister stays close to the game. Presently he can be spotted commentating for the WSM alongside previous WSM champs like Bill Kazmaier. Phil carries a massive frame and weighs in at around170 Kg. As evident from the picture below, it is non-debatable of him being an absolute mass monster.

Geoff Capes (170 Kg/374.786 Lbs)

Like many Strongman athletes, Capes was an athlete in a different sport prior to becoming a Strongman. But his sport of choosing was not so common amongst the Strongman community. He was a professional shot-putter and a highland games competitor. He even won at the commonwealth games, that is something no other Strongman has done. He won the WSM twice in the year 1983 and 1985. During his competitive years as a Strongman, he weighed in at around 170 Kg.

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