13 Richest Bodybuilders With Massive Net Worths

Bodybuilding as a sport and an attraction has diversified tremendously in the recent past. The professional athletes no longer rely only on the competitions or sponsors to pay their dues. In addition to the usual list, there are a plethora of new additions to their income source. With the change in trends after the breakthrough of social media and the other major platforms, the income has skyrocketed too! While in the past, most athletes from the beloved sport would struggle to cross the coveted million-dollar figure, it’s not the case now. With brands, online promotions, food chains, supplement production, entertainment industry, and much more, opportunities are limitless.

In addition to the usual commercial avenues, the number of events across the globe has grown multiple folds too. In the past, Mr Olympia or Mr Universe used to be the only money-spinning offers. Meanwhile, the local and continental competitions have boomed, and the finances have been thoroughly distributed too. Hence, the list of richest bodybuilders would not simply feature the typical single-minded people. It will show diversification of these hardworking athletes into various avenues and opportunities. These athletes are no longer alone too, and they have a thoroughly professional team at the helm of the happenings around them. What comes through is a much more sustainable and lucrative career.

Richest Bodybuilders With Massive Net Worths

The list of some of the wealthiest and most profitable bodybuilders will feature a range of names. Some diversified later on to different careers while some stuck with the original plan. However, the net income would constitute their riches from all the work and ventures of theirs.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Net Worth: $300 million

Major Competitions Won: 5 Mr Universe titles, 7 Mr Olympia titles, 1 German Powerlifting Title

The man who led the entire bodybuilding fraternity onwards and upwards. If the entire field of bodybuilding was to be classified in generations, the generation of Arnold would be the trendsetting one. The primary reason for this being the fact that Arnold showed the torch for bodybuilders to diversify into commercial aspects. Throughout his acting career, the man did dozens of major movies across the globe. With Hollywood in his palms, Arnold, later on, switched to politics and proved successful.

His stint as the Governor of California and also as the chairmen for the president’s council for physical fitness and sports were fruitful. Oak Productions and other Hollywood ventures have been highly profitable for the star too. Over the years, his association with fitness products has been evident too. His latest supplement venture in the name of Ladder is also a big star-attracting task.

Rich Gaspari

Net worth: $90 million

Major Competitions Won: 3X Mr Olympia runner up titles, 1986 IFBB WC win, 1987 IFBB Grand Prix (France and Germany), 1988 IFBB Grand Prix (Spain), and several others.

Richard Gaspari, with no victories for the Mr Olympia title, is still a significant name in bodybuilding corridors. A shining name among the list of richest bodybuildersGaspari expanded the universe of bodybuilding. For instance, his establishment of Gaspari Nutrition back in 1997 itself proved to be a game-changer for the man. Moreover, the man featured in more than a dozen of IFBB Grand Prix competition and won them during the late 1980s.

A resident of New Jersey, Richard is one of the stalwarts of the trade who have handled the task of financial management in the sport. Richard also is a proud member of the coveted IFBB hall of fame. He gained that recognition in 2004 itself. His contribution to the motivational section of the bodybuilding fraternity has been significant too.

Jay Cutler

Net worth: $30 million

Major Competitions Won: 2X Arnold Classic, 4X Mr Olympia, and several other Grand Prix IFBB events

Jay Cutler is more than just the ordinary bodybuilder or the fitness enthusiast. His achievements are no less than any other stalwart of the sport. In addition to the plethora of titles that Cuter has won, he is a big influence on other athletes. From paying a visit to various foundations to a significant social media presence, the man has it all. Moreover, his fitness dream in the form of his firm Cutler Nutrition is an established one too. The firm deals with various nutrition products and solutions. Cutler also has the tutorial videos, training lessons, and other online tools for all the prospective candidates of bodybuilding. His presence among the richest bodybuilders is a story worth cherishing given his initial struggles. Jay belonged to the typical mid-income section and is also a learned individual with Criminal Justice degree qualification.

 Ronnie Coleman

Net Worth: $10 million

Major Titles:  8X Mr Olympia titles, 2X Canada Pro Cup

When someone has a Mr Olympia title, they’re the best in the business. But what if someone has 8 of them? That’s right, Ronnie Coleman, often regarded as the king of bodybuilding, is the true undisputed legend. Coleman dominated the ranks through the majority part of the 2000s and did not look back. His net worth, however, does not justify the significance of the man in the list. The reason is partly due to Coleman’s relative inactivity since retiring and his troubles with injury and lack of mobility. Even though he still ranks decently and has a strong outlook towards a fresh start to life ahead. Even though Ronnie’s presence among the richest bodybuilders is not a surprise, the man is surely worth much more.

Gary Strydom

Net Worth: $8 million

Major Titles: 1989 Grand Prix France,1989 Grand Prix Melbourne, 1989 Grand Prix Sweden, 1990 Grand Prix Italy

Strydom stood as a major name on the international bodybuilding circuit through the 1980s and also the early 90s. In addition to his Grand Prix titles under IFBB, he also won the WBF title. However, the body went defunct, and the title did not count as a significant measure or a launchpad. Gary’s career is relatively quieter as compared to the other contemporaries of the sport in terms of outer interference. Having endorsed a few brands earlier in his career, Gary has remained low-profile since 2010 onwards. His net worth still stands strong due to his other investments made in the long term sections.

Dexter Jackson

Net Worth: $7 million

Major Titles: 1X Mr Olympia, Show of Strength Pro Championship, 4X Arnold Classic Titles, and several others.

A vocal social media influencer and public speaker, Dexter Jackson is the perfect example of the outgoing kind. The man progressed speedily through the early 2000s and saw a lot of glories come his way during the period. His most significant contribution, however, is the victory at Mr Olympia. Dexter also is known for running through with a full-time speaking quality and is available on various big stages throughout the year. He signed with ultimate nutrition in a deal that saw him become the brand face for a significant time period.

 His presence onto the display screen has also been through the numerous magazines and columns. Dexter has featured on the cover of various health magazines and would always find time for an interview. He stood as a strong force until a very late age and shook even the younger and stronger competitors at the final stages. Deter sits perfectly in the list for the richest bodybuilders across the world.

Lou Ferrigno

Net Worth: $6 million

Major Titles: 2X IFBB Mr Universe

Lou Ferrigno is more than just a name in the bodybuilding circuit. His competitive time spent on the circuit with the legend Arnold Schwarzenegger and simultaneous success in the Mr Universe section won him the right accolades. Since his time with the bodybuilding profession, he is a centre of attraction for various Hollywood prospects.

His major success in the field came through his casting for the role of the hulk. He played, much to his affection, the role of the gamma-exposed beast in the raw muscular form and did complete justice. Lou has also appeared in the prominent documentaries throughout his bodybuilding career. Moreover, the man enjoyed a good reputation with some of the biggest names in the movie-making genre. He also is an active actor in the TV series category and has done shows as I love you, man. Through the pinnacle of his career, Lou remained the eye candy of various nutrition and health brands across the US and across the globe too.

Lee Haney

Net Worth: $5.5 million

Major Titles: 8X Mr Olympia Titles

Lee Haney is not just a top-class bodybuilding professional, and he is arguably the best seen on the grand stage. In the list for the richest bodybuilders, Lee is the most successful one in terms of the Mr Olympia titles secured. An unbeaten run from 84 to 91 saw Lee moving ahead with eight titles to his name, the record most along with the king Ronnie Coleman. Haney is also the main source of inspiration behind the program TotaLee Fit with Lee Haney.

The program has a list of features and has the accolades of featuring some of the most respected professionals from different sections. Haney is also a big follower and believer of the mutual spiritual growth along with body and physique development. The man is an active influence across the various social media and other platforms of public contact. Through his prime glory days during his Mr Olympia supremacy, Haney was the man who every nutrition brand wanted to be associated with.

Phil Heath

Net Worth: $5 million

Major Titles: 7X Mr Olympia Titles

Just one title behind King Coleman and Lee Hanley is another legend of the sport by the name of Phil Heath. Phil has an impeccable record of literally single-handedly ruling the roost for the Mr Olympia titles in the last decade. With seven straight wins, Phil broke plenty of records and also earned a good stash of cash on the way. Phil is also one of the most decorated names in the list of richest bodybuilders. Phil has also been on and off the professional wrestling platform and hence also gained the financial benefits of it.

 With brands such as Muscletech under the belt, the man is not new to the world of commercial exploits in the field. While his worth is little less in comparison to the other stalwarts, he is still active in the commercial section which gives him a good chance to cross through the rest.

Dorian Yates

Net Worth: $4 million

Major Titles: 6X Mr Olympia Titles, 3X English Grand Prix

Well, the public favourite and the enigmatic Dorian Yates has finally arrived. Dorian is credited to be the trendsetter in the field of “beefing up” for bodybuilding. Dorian Yates has been credited by umpteenth professional to show the possibility of gains which nobody ever believed in. The entire aura and charm saw him win straight-six titles at Mr Olympia. Throughout his career, Dorian remained the effervescent yet the reliable hand for various other professionals too.

Through his online and bookish existence, Yates has been a major source of inspiration to others of the lot. His featured documentaries and the released books have fared extremely well as Yates continues to roll. Moreover, his presence through the training videos and the interactive sessions with professionals have been highly applauded. The collection of these efforts places him comfortably in the list of richest bodybuilders.

Mike O’Hearn

Net Worth: $2.5 million

Major Titles: 4X Powerlifting Champion, 4X Mr Natural Universe, 1X Decathlon Strongmen

Mike has been around the circuit for a long time and has also featured in a variety of competitions. In contrast to the other bodybuilding professionals, Mike’s victories too have come from a wide range of sections. His constant participation in various magazine and glamour shoots have also gathered the man several accolades and riches. Moreover, Mike is a much active member of the generation of social media and public domain influence. Some of the biggest nutrition bands have had Mike at the helm of branding and representation too. In addition, mike has also served in a large number of featured Hollywood movies, with the iconic role of Superman to his name at one point in time too.

Calum Von Moger

Net Worth: $2.1 million

Major Titles: 2X WFF Mr Universe, 1X NPC Irongames Championships

Calum Von Moger is one of the highly active and influential individuals among the young crop of the bodybuilders. The man is from an Australian origin and also stands hardly 30 years of age. Moreover, Calum has the accolades of being a professional actor in the famous circuits across the globe. The man featured in the Generation Iron part 2 and has also shared screen space with the like of Arnold etc. Brief stints with various Australian sporting outlets means the man is not new to the world if financial exploits either. His striking resemblance with the legendary Mr Arnold has earned him a lot of early fame in his career. However, it is only his own personal skills and excellence that gained him the fame and the money too.

Lazar Angelov

Net Worth: $2.0 million

Major Titles: NA

Reigning from a Bulgarian origin, Lazar is a professional bodybuilder who later turned into a model. The step proved worthy as the shredded appearance with the refined, muscular look earned him quick stardom. Moreover, the man utilized various social media options available to become an online presence across the platforms. Millions of followers on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter means that Lazar is a fitness inspiration.

In addition to this, the man runs an online training academy and is also associated with multiple brands across the globe. His place among the richest bodybuilders is credited to all these aspects combined together.

The Richest Bodybuilders

While most names feature from the pro section of the bodybuilding, some in the latest times have diversified. With modelling, social media, and fitness awareness taking over, a lot of income comes through those ranks too. Hence, a lot of chopping and changing would be likely to happen through the list with new faces coming up. However, the domination of the bodybuilding legends at the top of the list has been sheer one-sided.

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